Manage your Physical discomfort by using Dynamint®

Dynamint Joint'n'Muscle Cream contains Peppermint oil, Calendula, Eucalyptus oil and Tea tree oil in a gentle aqueous base.


You will feel Dynamint work literally in seconds with benefits that are felt for hours.


Dynamint can be used by anyone suffering from overworked muscles and joints.



 • Reduce Your use of Oral Pain Medications

 • Use before bedtime for a restful night's


 • Fresh scent - Effective - Pleasant to use

 • Natural actives

 • Aqueous Cream Base - Non-sticky

 • Apply to tired aching muscles and joints

 • Available as a cream, spray and roll-on.

To use, Gently massage a generous amount of Dynamint Muscle Cream onto sore or strained muscles and joints. Apply as often as needed.


Dynamint's water based formulation is perfectly balanced with a unique combination of essential oils that is pleasant to use and wonderfully hydrating.